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ESL forum > > Stolen worksheet    

Stolen worksheet


Stolen worksheet
Ive had a hard time preparing this worksheet
and it was posted here

16 Mar 2009      


Here we go again...

16 Mar 2009     

New Zealand

Hi yureca,

Yes someone has taken your worksheet and uploaded it as theirs. Did you report it as stolen? After looking at it I have reported it as well for you.
BUT you have made your whole post a link.... so it is hard to open both worksheets to compare. Can you edit your post so that it is NOT all one link.

:-) on one hand you are now in the highly sought after "I got my worksheet stolen" club! (did you see Zoras post earlier today?) LOL

16 Mar 2009     


Has a competition started to see who has their  wss stolen the most? ( I agree,  it should be seen as a compliment to the creator) 
If so,  I m out of the race because I m content enough to have somone download one of mine once in a while. 
To see my points go up - 1 point at a time is enough to make me happy.
Good luck to all.

16 Mar 2009