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ESL forum > Teaching material > Programs (apps) to shuffle sets of images without images quality loss...    

Programs (apps) to shuffle sets of images without images quality loss...


Programs (apps) to shuffle sets of images without images quality loss...
Hello, all.
I have searched the site and the only results are from 2012 and 2016, and neither gives info I can use.
I am looking for software or a website, free or to buy, which will shuffle images for me.
Able to shuffle as many as 25 images in a 5x5 bingo-style grid, but it need not make "bingo" cards ( I can screen-shot the grid and paste into Word etc.)
I must be able to select images from my computer and not merely an online collection.
Must not reduce image quality significantly (especially if I have to pay for it).
Must be automated (I currently do this job manually in Word, spending many, many hours of my time unpaid).
Must work on Windows 7 and later or GNU Linux Mint 20.
Please do not suggest "The Bingo Maker", a popular choice but no good for the above.
Thank you very much.
If I have missed something, please tell me.

25 Jan 2022      


And it must not add watermarks, even if it is free.

25 Jan 2022     

Czech Republic

How about WORDWALL - open a box - you can upload your pictures, if you open all the boxes, they stay open. 

25 Jan 2022     


Thank you, LenkaW, but there is no feature on the site to do what I wrote about above.

5 Feb 2022     


I have found a tool now.

5 Feb 2022     

United States

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28 Oct 2022