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Good afternoon!
I have seen  that this conditional is considered like a sencond one:
"If Helen worked so hard, she would get promoted, but she is a very lazy person"
Can it be a third conditional? Since she is a very lazy person now and before
Thanks in advance

30 Jan 2022      

Russian Federation

Good evening! (from where I am)
I don�t think it can be a third conditional one as it follows the formula �if + Past Simple, would + V", which is never a third conditional case, no matter what is after the "would + V" part.
The third conditinal type complies with the following grammar model: "if + Past Perfect, would + have + past participle (or whatever you call it)", like "If Helen had worked hard then, she would have got promoted, but she is a very lazy person"

30 Jan 2022     


I think I haven�t explained properly.
I mean if this sentence could be a third conditional instead a second one as I have read in an exercise about conditionals
I mean :
If Helen had  worked  so hard ,  she would have got  promotoed, but she is a very lazy person .
instead of
If Helen worked so hard, she would got promoted , but she is a very lazy person.
I have been thinking about it and why not a first one or a mix conditional type 3.-2.
I am confused.

30 Jan 2022     

Russian Federation

I see.
sure, it can if you, for example, extract one from some past context. What I think of is,
"I met Helen three years ago, and she seemed a nice girl to talk with. However, she always failed to finish her work on time, and our boss would get cross with her. We still get in touch together. However, when I remeber that time, I understand that if she HAD WORKED hard, she WOULD HAVE GOT promoted, but she is a very lazy person, even now ..."
Mixed one is ok too, for example "If Helen had worked hard (at some point in the past), she would get promoted (now), but she is a very lazy person"
IMHO, the main drawback of exercises providing sentences without contextual environment is that you can very often opt for more than one answer, and all of them will be fairly good. 

30 Jan 2022     


thanks a lot

31 Jan 2022     

United States

If you�re asking if this could be made into a third conditional, because of the present/ongoing condition at the end, then the answer is yes, because she was lazy then, is lazy now, and will probably be lazy forever. The form here, though, is second conditional
To be third conditional, the sentence would be "If Helen had worked hard (not so hard), she would have gotten promoted, but she is a very lazy person."

1 Feb 2022