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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Teaching the plural noun of �s � to Saudi Arabian students    

Teaching the plural noun of �s � to Saudi Arabian students

Saudi Arabia

Teaching the plural noun of �s � to Saudi Arabian students
Hi all, I wanted some advice from your experiences about teaching the plural noun of �s� to Saudi Arabian students, especially when it comes to reading. I have found from experience that they tend to omit it a lot, it is as if though they don�t see it when they read it. I kept thinking to myself what could be the reason. After much thought, I came to the conclusion which could be a possible explanation, that in Arabic, they don�t have such a rule of just adding a letter to a singular noun to make it plural. One of their rules, which is in most cases, it�s a totally different word or what we might call an irregular plural noun like qalam (pen)/aqlaam (pens). Yes, they do have a regular rule like Mudarris (teacher)/Mudarrisseen (teachers), but still, it�s not the case of just adding a letter.

4 Feb 2022      

United States

Hi! Some Chinese speakers do the same thing, they act like they dont even see the s at the end of the plural noun. At first I told my students that they were skipping the s when they were reading. Finally I started making the ssss sound every time they omitted it. They must have gotten tired of me doing that, because they did finally learn to pronounce the s too.
As for the Chinese language, they cant add an s on the end of Chinese characters to show that a word is plural so they use different characters for people or quantifiers for other things. 

6 Feb 2022     

Saudi Arabia

Nice to see similarities in other languages and common issues, thank you Kwsp.

8 Feb 2022