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Do you / are you questions


Do you / are you questions
Hi all, 
First of all I need to share how happy I am this site exists.
When I first started teaching (many years ago) this site was a life saver. At the time there were many legendary teachers on here, sharing amazing stuff. They inspired me and gave me lots of ideas to create my own work. I too started contributing lots of materials, and collecting more points than I needed. 
Over the years, I stopped contributing (mainly because I started using fonts that scrambled all over the page for those who didn´t have those same fonts installed).
Recently I switched from teaching English as a foreign language, to teaching kids who speak English at home. 
Suddenly, this site has become a life saver once again. How happy I am I have a reserve of points!!!! 
I usually can find material on any grammar point I need. This time, however, I am a little stuck and I ask for your help.
When working on frequency expressions, I noticed my students got confused between "do you " and "are you" questions. 
I searched a little, but only found some sheets that are too easy for English speakers. I am sure there must be some amazing sheets here, I just don´t know how to find them. I would greatly appreciate it if you could suggest sheets on the subject. (your own, or others you´ve come across)
thanks in advance,

18 Feb 2022      


I have one called "auxiliary verbs or helping verbs" Maybe too easy for your English speakers. Maybe YouTube could be helpfu. Wish you the best. MONIQUE


18 Feb 2022     


Thank You!

20 Feb 2022     

United States

I just have to add that YOU TOO are one of those legendary teachers in my book Marion.

21 Feb 2022     


Aaawww, Thank you so much!
What an enormous compliment, and that at a time when I feel exhausted, overworked, underpaid, and generally lacking the bubbly-ness I once had....
thank you  

25 Feb 2022     


Another advantage of using do you / are you questions is that they can help shift the focus from yourself to another person. I have to read reviews about sydney resume before help in my resume. If someone asks me a question like "How was your weekend?", I can answer with an equally personal question like "How was yours?" This lets me share some information about myself without having to dominate the conversation.

21 May 2022