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Could you help?


Could you help?
Dear teachers, could you help me with a Relative clause? Which of the following is appropriate? 1. Nick has a small foot on his left hip which helps him balance his body. 2. Nick has a small foot, which helps him balance, on his left hip.

13 Mar 2022      

By Xavi

Hi man, I consider this could be a good option, hope it helps: Nick has a small foot on his left hip which helps him balance and enables him to kick

14 Mar 2022     


Hello. a relative clause is a subordinate clause which specifies or gives information about a person or thing. Relative clauses come after a noun or pronoun and, in English, often begin with a relative pronoun such as �who�, �which�, or �that�. (ref. collinsdictionary.com) I would say that the second is the better choice of the two you presented. Not the first. Also we wouldn�t normally say a foot is on the hip, rather it�s on his left side or on his left leg. Nick has a small foot on his left leg which helps him balance his body over his left hip.

14 Mar 2022     


I�d go with "Nick has a small foot on his left hip, which helps him balance his body..
the use of the comma conveys the meaning of "Nick�s body is balanced because he has a small foot on ....hip."

14 Mar 2022     

United States

None sound quite right, but one makes it sound like he has a strange(extra) foot growing out of his hip, so I would say:
  Nick has a small foot, which helps him balance on his left hip. (no comma after balance)
But I think I would use "leg" vs "hip" (unless it is some kind of yoga position or something and I am missing  the meaning).

16 Mar 2022