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ESL forum > Ask for help > Money order, purchase order, invoice    

Money order, purchase order, invoice


Money order, purchase order, invoice
Hi to all!
Is there a worksheet on this website regarding payment/money order, purchase order and invoice differences? I would like someone to explain what those differences are and how do you call a paper that you usually buy in a post-office and fill in and you pay in a bank or online so the other person (seller) receives that money? Is that called money order or purchase order or is it the same?

26 Apr 2022      

United States

I donīt know about possible worksheets, but I can explain these terms.
The paper you describe, in the US, at least, is a money order. 
A purchase order is a document that companies use for ordering things from other companies. Its purpose is to keep ordering and billing organized. If the company is buying the items on credit, then the seller refers to the purchase order number when sending the bill for the merchandise.
An invoice is an itemized bill for items that have been purchased. A copy of it is usually sent with the items, in which case it also acts as a packing slip, which is a paper that lists the items in the shipment, so that the recipient can check the accuracy of the shipment.
I hope this helps.

26 Apr 2022     


Thank you Bruce! Now, itīs totally clear to me.
All the best,

27 Apr 2022