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ESL forum > Ask for help > How do you say ie and eg?    

How do you say ie and eg?

Saudi Arabia

How do you say ie and eg?
 As you know we use these abbreviations in writing: 
 i.e and e.g
How can we say these words while reading the text?
 Should we say E.G ? or for example ?
Should we say I.E ? or that is ??
Thanks in advance

8 May 2022      

Korea, South

                         i.e. /e.g. abbreviated Latin phrases.


i.e. stands for “id Est” which  means “that is,” / “i.e.”—which is used to specify a

Particular meaning.


e.g.” stands for “exempli gratia”/ simply means “for example.”

8 May 2022     

United Kingdom

We normally say i. e for i.e. 
When it comes to e.g. people say either e.g. or for example.  

9 May 2022     


I always say "I ee" and "ee gee".

9 May 2022     

United States

IŽd say that it depends on who is being spoken to.
If the hearer will understand, you can say the letters. If there might be confusion, then say "that is" or "for example".

9 May 2022     

United Kingdom

I think what we are getting to here is that there is no hard and fast rule about this. 

10 May 2022     

Saudi Arabia

Thank you all.

11 May 2022