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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Reported Speech - take two :)    

Reported Speech - take two :)


Reported Speech - take two :)
I m so sorry, but i MUST send this. It s because i got so many positive responses. I m so glad you found the ideas useful. Those of you who haven t seen it, please take a look. It s for you and your students. My aim is to share it with you or give you food for thought, as i did to Douglas.


Again, feel free to PM and leave an email. Those of you who have already sent a PM, please leave your email addies (because you have forgotten Wink)

EDIT: Plz, bear with me, im very busy tonight doing a translation, so i will email the handout tomorrow.
I got a PM from a very dear member here who minded me saying "are your SS tired of ... " When i wrote it, i didnt realise you couldnt read my mind and see that i had on it those traditional and conservative teachers who still exist (esp.in state schools here in Serbia). I apologise to all the hard-working teachers, innovative and creative. Keep it up!
I look forward to reading your impressions  once you have tried the ideas.
Thank you all.

16 Mar 2009      


Can you please send me the worksheet, please?
my e-mail is: [email protected]
Thank you in advance

16 Mar 2009     


Sorry for writing so late !
I have read your worksheet and I have to say : WELL DONE !

Yes, we sometimes tend to talk about rules and grammar but our students cannot speak well.
I am trying to change my way of teaching but it is really hard...
Some student even ask for grammar rules etc...

Well I think we should try to PRACTISE the speaking rather than explaining boring grammar...

Some time ago a student asked me: "What is the difference in such and so?"
and I had to answer: " I don t know. There is only one word in Czech." Then I thought about it and I said: "We can say: You are so beautiful . But you can also continue you are such a nice girl ."
See? I didn t know the grammar rules, but I was able to USE such and so in correct sentence.


I am going to try some wonderful tricks which Ivona has offered...

Thank you Ivona for sharing your innovative ideas with us !!!

17 Mar 2009     


... and I am looking forward to reading your next worksheets !!!!

share some more , Ivona !!!

17 Mar 2009