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Summer activities


Summer activities
Hello, everyone!
Could you please help me with ideas of worksheets, games, songs, puzzles, sites, crafts that I can use for our summer school programme for kids aged 7 - 11 and 7th graders. There is only one laptop with Tv screen and internet access in each class and the tools I can use are paper, chalk, markers, coloured pencils, glue and scissors. If the weather allows it we can do something outside but besides chalk there aren�t any other tools I have. I know some of the kids I�m going to work with but there will also be kids I haven�t met before. Thank you in advance! Have a nice day! (The main topic is about "summer", "summer holiday", "summer activities" ). 

12 Jun 2022      


Inside and outside, you can organize scavenger hunts. To get them to move, there are plenty of brain breaks on Youtube and different Would you rather to review all the vocabulary. Also, if they are more advanced, you can organize debates. Or improv sessions, they choose the topic and make two teams, for and against. If you can get magazines or food flyers, they can make a yummy mummy from food flyers images glued on paper to review food vocabulary. They use glue, scissors, paper and pencils . Or they can make giant collaborative poster boards or collages. A popular game I play is 2 truths and 1 lie. Hope it helps.

16 Jun 2022     


You can get some ideas from Lynne, Les, Aldona... If you search ESLP, youll find much more.
You can also find some ppt games in my account if youre interested, e.g.:

17 Jun 2022     


Thank you for your answers!

18 Jun 2022