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United States

Itīs a bird... Itīs a plane, itīs, itīs, itīs... Super Dog ❓❓❓😄

30 Jul 2022     


Hello everyone!
Trust you all are well and in high spirits.
Thank you for a brilliant set of contributions. As always I couldnīt decide on a winner so this time I called upon my best friends to help me decide on a winner. What discussions we had over our cups of coffee and gingernut cookies!
Each caption elicited animated responses and I tell you, they could have written 1000 word essays on each entry. Right from the dog biscuit to the hot-tin-roof and the quote from the bard and the sheer wonder our canine friend felt at finding himself on the roof top and of course the wonderment at who possibly let the dogs out and if he should indeed stay or leave. We watched the song twice and they took snap-hots of the link to listen to it again and share it further. The winner we all finally agreed on was the question  the-dog-at-the-top asked about whether or not it was at all possible that he might one day be as famous as Lassie.
So thank you once again for you contributions and I am pleased to hand the baton over to the winner Savilla. Take it away and thank you!  :)

1 Aug 2022     

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