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ESL forum > Ask for help > It is high time + what?    

It is high time + what?


It is high time + what?
So far it is known-- It is time to go now. It is high time to go now. It is high time we went out. --- These sentences are correct. But, is the following sentence correct? It is high time we should go out.??? --- Please help. Thanks in advance.

31 Jul 2022      

Russian Federation

to my knowledge, the sentence īIt is high time we should go outī is grammatically correct.
Take care! 

31 Jul 2022     


To me, itīs: "Itīs high time we went out!"

1 Aug 2022     

United States

Iīve never heard "Itīs high time to go now" or "Itīs high time we should go out."+
"Itīs high time" is used for a general statement about a need or desire for a certain action, so it isnīt used with "now". Also, using "should" with it is redundant.
So, thatīs my experience as a native speaker.

1 Aug 2022     


Thanks all. Special thanks to Yanogator- a native speaker. I have to the point.

1 Aug 2022