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my favourite animal


my favourite animal
Hi everybody,
Could you help me with this doubt?
I would like to say that I love cats in general. Which is the right sentence?
a) My favourite animal is a cat
b) My favourite animal is the cat?
Thank you for your reply.

16 Nov 2022      


I would go for the cat.

16 Nov 2022     

United States

from your choices B is is best--"a" would imply one specific cat.
However I would totally reword it and say "Cats are my favorite animal."

17 Nov 2022     


I agree with the answers above; another alternative would be My favourite animals are cats. In colloquial, everyday English, I think youd hear My favourite animal is cats, but its not really grammatical.

18 Nov 2022     


Cats are my favourite animals. (plural = because you are talking about all cats in general)

21 Nov 2022     

United States

I agree with Janet in that using the plural is the best way, but you CAN use singular as well when referring to "the cat" as a single species.

23 Nov 2022