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ESL forum > Teaching material > AI to help write essays, gap-fills, and texts    

AI to help write essays, gap-fills, and texts

United Kingdom

AI to help write essays, gap-fills, and texts
First off, before we get going, this is not spam!
If you go to this website and use the chat to ask questions, it can practically design your worksheets for you.
And it appears to be free! A student of mine who works in IT recommended it to me.
I typed in the following: 
Can you give me a short article about "training" with about 200 words using the following phrasal verbs, "act out breeze through brush up drop out figure out gear towards get on join in keep up scrape through sign up take down?" 
It gave me a reasonable article in about 1 and a half minutes. I am gobsmacked, I must say. The same for gap-fill exercises. I will have to edit but not very much. 
If you are feeling burnt-out and cannot think of anything, this thing can save you a lot of time and stress.
I think it could also serve for debates about the Pros and Cons of artificial intelligence. Hopefully, Monique will come up with a worksheet on that, if she hasn�t already.  

One other thing, using AI generated speech, I did this short quiz on connected speech. I am very happy with it. If any of you can thing of other confusing sentences related to connected speech, please add a suggestion. 

10 Jan 2023      


Wow!amazing.Thanks for sharing.

11 Jan 2023     


I am sorry to post here but I don�t know whee to ask.many times I tried to download a worksheet, I get points substracted but I don�t get the worksheet what to do?thank you 

11 Jan 2023     

United Kingdom

Hi Cyssou,
Try using Microsoft Edge to download. That normally works. 
Good luck! 

11 Jan 2023     


Well, Spinney, you got me there with your exercise "confusing sentences"! Excellent!  Are there more?
I�m a native Brit and made two mistakes!  Must have been in France for too long (42 years!) 

12 Jan 2023     

United Kingdom

Thank you, Janet!
I have the same exercise here but with my very boring voice.
There are a couple of different sentences there but they are mostly the same. I think I prefer using the AI-generated voice, to be honest, the whole point of the exercise for me is to show students that native speakers do not always understand each other, either. And connected speech is often to blame. I think it is useful as a fluency exercise, too.
If you can think of another confusing sentence, I am all ears.  


By the way, refering to my first post, here is a newsreader interviewing ChatGPT on Youtube. I am sure there is a video worksheet in there somewhere, along with some kind of interactive class. 

12 Jan 2023     

a isabel

Fantastic  site/tool  !  I am amazed!  Thanks for sharing it!

13 Jan 2023     


Absolutely amazing site, thanks for the link.
I asked several questions and they came up with some interesting texts which could then be the base of true/false questions, gap-filling, etc. 

14 Jan 2023     


I too got three of the confusing sentences wrong and I am a native speaker!

23 Jan 2023     

United States

3 wrong for me, too, FrauSue. It would be great if we could hear it read the other sentences, so we could hear the difference. I�m wondering how "cat�ll" would sound compared to "cattle".

25 Jan 2023