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Vocabulary question


Vocabulary question
1. Can we use  almost never instead of  hardly  ever  ?
2. Is there a  specific saying that means  if you have a soft  heart, you  must have  a hard ass 
Thank  you in advance. 

13 Jan 2023      

United States

1. Yes, that�s just fine.
2. I don�t know of one.

13 Jan 2023     


  I found the following  saying  on Twitter  :  �If you�re gonna have a soft heart you better have a hard ass�

14 Jan 2023     


I agree with Bruce - the first is fine, and the second saying is totally new to me. Perhaps the twitter user made it up.

23 Jan 2023     

United States

The phrase in the second question is an oxymoron. If you are a hard ass, a tough and uncompromising person, you are the opposite of someone with a soft heart. I have never heard this particular saying before, but I believe it means: if you have a soft heart, you had better protect yourself from being taken advantage of by others by being a hard ass. As a side note, you should use caution with the term hard ass. It can be considered inappropriate in most conversations.

26 Jan 2023