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As for me, ...

Russian Federation

As for me, ...
Hi everyone, I�m just in two minds about the correct usage of �as for me, bla-bla...�. Is it necessarily used in the context where the sentence beginning with �as for me, ...� is preceded by another person�s preference / opinion like My sister likes cabbage soup. As for me, I adore cheese soup. But can we ever use �as for me, ...� independently without making sort of contrast with smb else? Could it be close to �personally, ...� then? Well, I�m asking local experts here as my Google search has yielded no results ((( Thanx in advance)

8 Feb 2023      

United Kingdom

Hi niksailor, I don�t think I would start a sentence off with as for me, unless opinions had been expressed before, so I think it is drawing comparison/contrast. I found this which may be helpful. 

8 Feb 2023     

United States

No, it won�t work, because of the word "as". To start an idea, you might use just "For me" or "To me" or "To my mind", or similar phrases, depending on the situation, but not "As for me..."

8 Feb 2023     

Russian Federation

Thanks Lynne and Bruce)
I�ll keep it in mind!

9 Feb 2023