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Not sure


Not sure
Dear colleagues,
I need to ask you for help.
I have got this sentence:
Binges are often  followed by compensatory pause periods that are an attempt to get rid of the consumed food and calories.
I wonder if the phrase pause periods is OK, namely I expected purge periods. Does the above sentence make sense anyway?
Thank you for your answers.

14 May 2023      

United States

pause periods is okay-- purge seems to paint a slightly different image (like vomiting it out)

15 May 2023     


Dear Douglas,
You are always so helpful. Thank you. 

16 May 2023     


I would say purge rather than pause. The sentence goes on to say "that are an attempt to get rid of the consumed food and calories". I expect it�s related to binge eating which would make sense. The person eats then tries to vomit it out to compensate for eating so much. But that�s my opinion.

16 May 2023     

United Kingdom

I would prefer periods/spells of purging to purge periodsDouglas and olddie have got it right - vomiting, as in what people with the eating disorder bulimia do. 

16 May 2023