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ESL forum > Ask for help > Expressions with SET    

Expressions with SET


Expressions with SET
Here I�m reposting Lynne�s request:

4 Sep 2023      


Just for fun I asked ChatGPT. Here�s the reply with expressions:

1. Set the table
2. Set a record
3. Set an example
4. Set a goal
5. Set a deadline
6. Set the stage
7. Set the tone
8. Set a trap
9. Set a standard
10. Set a course
11. Set a price
12. Set the mood
13. Set the scene
14. Set your mind to it
15. Set a trend
16. Set boundaries
17. Set the record straight
18. Set in motion
19. Set in stone
20. Set in concrete
21. Set the alarm
22. Set the clock
23. Set a timer
24. Set a reminder
25. Set the thermostat
26. Set a precedent
27. Set your sights on
28. Set the bar
29. Set a fire
30. Set sail
31. Set the stage for
32. Set the wheels in motion
33. Set the agenda
34. Set the parameters
35. Set the rules
36. Set the course of action
37. Set the pace
38. Set the record straight
39. Set the tone for
40. Set the groundwork
41. Set your heart on
42. Set your priorities
43. Set your imagination free
44. Set the cat among the pigeons
45. Set up shop
46. Set the table for success
47. Set the ball rolling
48. Set a benchmark
49. Set the framework
50. Set a plan in motion
51. Set a scene
52. Set a policy
53. Set the agenda
54. Set the stage for something
55. Set the tone for an event
56. Set the wheels in motion for
57. Set something in place
58. Set aside time for
59. Set the standard for
60. Set something ablaze
61. Set the course of history
62. Set something into perspective
63. Set the stage for drama
64. Set something in motion
65. Set someone at ease
66. Set something on fire
67. Set something on a path
68. Set the bar high
69. Set something off balance
70. Set something to music

4 Sep 2023     


...and a paragraph: 
"As the sun began to set over the horizon, Mary set the picnic table with a colourful array of dishes, carefully setting each plate and utensil in its designated spot. She then set the mood by lighting scented candles, which set a romantic atmosphere for the evening. Meanwhile, the children set up a game of frisbee, and their laughter set a joyful tone for the gathering. As the stars began to set in the night sky, Mary�s thoughtful preparations had set the stage for a memorable and enjoyable night with friends and family."

4 Sep 2023     

United Kingdom

Hi folks! I shall investigate this a little more later as set is indeed a very useful verb. For now, I can offer this little paragraph courtesy of ChatGPT:

At the office, Sarah always sets the bar high with her exceptional work ethic. She knows how to set the stage for success by carefully setting her goals and priorities. When faced with challenges, she doesn�t hesitate to set to work, often setting aside personal time to meet deadlines. Sarah�s ability to set a positive tone in meetings is remarkable, as she skilfully sets forth her ideas and encourages collaboration. She also sets a good example for teamwork by setting aside any differences and working harmoniously with her colleagues. In addition, she frequently sets up training sessions to set her co-workers on the path to improvement, setting them up for long-term success. Her determination to set the record straight when misunderstandings arise is admirable, ensuring clear communication within the team. Finally, Sarah�s leadership skills shine through as she sets out a clear vision for the company�s future, setting in motion plans for growth and innovation.


And from my humble pen:

The scene was set for a truly spectacular race as the sun began to set just behind the stadium. Somebody fired the starting pistol and the runners set off. The leaders soon set a very fast pace and it looked as if a record would be set for that day. But no! Disaster! A fall by two of the race leaders soon set the cat among the pigeons and the field was wide open to anybody who was prepared to set their mind to it. A runner from the back set his sights on the front and then set the wheels in motion for one of the most exciting races that had ever been witnessed. His stunning victory set an example for thousands of would-be runners around the world who would be willing to set their eye on such an objective. His victory set the world of athletics on fire and, back in his own country, the story of that day has been set to music and adopted as the National Anthem. 

 BTW, thank you, Ruta, for the list. I am inclined to make use of that and develop something from it. Very thorough! Smile

5 Sep 2023     

United Kingdom

Thank you dear Ruta! There was a strip along the bottom of my computer, my problem, not the site�s. And for the list. And thank you for the story, Dale, I was hoping you would answer, this is your kind of thing. I can use your story. I also had a pm from the great Anthoni, creator of my favourite resources, just check him out. He sent me an A! generated story, which is great, but now I am beginning to see what all the fuss around A1 is about.  
Thanks again,

5 Sep 2023     

Russian Federation

You could look for collocations, phrasal verbs and idioms with SET.  The internet gives plenty of variants. Unfortunately, I have failed to insert the link here for some reason.((

6 Sep 2023     

Russian Federation

to ∼ sail
to ∼ the signal
to ∼ the table
to ∼ to zero
to ∼ a punishment
to ∼ free 
to ∼ loose
to ∼right 
to ∼laughing
to ∼ a machine going
to ∼ one�s face like a flint 
to ∼ to music
to ∼ milk for cheese
his face ∼ 
opinion is ∼ting against it 
 ∼ about
∼ against 
to ∼ one�s face (oneself) 
∼ apart 
∼ ashore
∼ aside 
∼ at 
∼ back 
∼  before
∼ by
to ∼ much by, to ∼ store by;
to ∼ little by
to ∼ by the ears
∼ down
∼ forth 
∼ forward 
∼ in
rain ∼ in
∼ off 
to ∼ one�s hopes on 
∼ out 
∼ over
∼ to 
to ∼ bounds to
to ∼ fire to
∼ up 
of ∼ purpose
∼ in his views
a heavy∼ man 
to make a dead ∼ at 

6 Sep 2023     

United Kingdom

Great! Thank you. 

14 Sep 2023