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Youtube help


Youtube help
Calling any YouTube experts!
I recently discovered the "clip" function on YouTube which allows you to clip a short segment of a video (some videos have disallowed it, however) and create a clip of it. (This tutorial explains how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_B1E2sIp7s)
I used YouGlish to find videos using idioms from my vocabulary list, and then used the clip tool to create a short 15-20 second clip for each idiom. I then played the clips to my student and he had to identify which idiom he heard and explain the context.
However, I can�t work out how to combine the clips into a playlist - they are in a separate part of my YouTube library. If anyone can help, I would be grateful! And I will share the finished playlist with you all :) 

5 Oct 2023      


Hi FrauSue!
I�m not an expert, which is why I waited for someone else to answer your question. Over a year ago, I stumbled upon the clipping option on YouTube, and I�ve been using it from time to time.
I don�t think it�s possible to add these clips to a YouTube playlist. However, if you have many of them and want to share them with your students, colleagues, etc., you can create a list of links in a shared document or a Google Doc. Additionally, since each clip has its own embed code, it�s possible to create a small website (for free) just for collecting your clips in various categories.

11 Oct 2023     


Thanks Kohai - you�ve confirmed what I thought anyway. I was just hoping there might be a sneaky way to do it that I hadn�t spotted.

15 Oct 2023