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i spy with my eye


i spy with my eye
Hello everybody, I�ve made search on the net, I tried hard but I couldn�t get the deep meaning of this idiom. Where can we use it exactly? Or is it just a game? It seems to me it is something like a game; someone says he chooses something which begins with the letter (for example T), and the other one tries to guess what it is. But could you please explain using more examples?
Thank you in advance 

5 Oct 2023      


Yes, it is a game. In UK English we say "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ..." and then let the other players take turns to guess what the object is. It should be something you can see so it is often played on long car or train journeys where you can see different things out of the window,
So when it is used as an idiom (rarely), it�s really just a reference to the game. 

5 Oct 2023     


hi, Sue, thank you for your kind reply, loves 

5 Oct 2023     


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16 Oct 2023