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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > How to Keep Silense during a Lesson    

How to Keep Silense during a Lesson

Russian Federation

How to Keep Silense during a Lesson
Hello everybody!
Dear colleagues, can u pls give me some advice how to keep silence during lessons? Maybe some new methods of how to do that?
Thank u in advance!
Keep in touch,

8 Oct 2023      

United Kingdom

Hi Fedor, 
I must say, I rarely achieved that!
I think firstly, you have to decide when and why you want silence. You can then advertise your rules to the class. I think you should have silence while you are giving instructions. Some teachers I know would raise their hand and put their finger to their mouth (hush!) and have all the kids do the same. When all hands were raised and everybody silent, then give the instructions. That soon becomes a habit.
If you want silence while students are working, you have to make sure they are fully engaged and on task. This means good resources. To avoid attention wandering, short activities with clear instructions. To settle students at the beginning of the lesson, always make sure there is something in front of them - a word search, a cryptogram (always successful in my experience), something accessible and fun. 
Do more speaking activities, so they can be speaking, but purposefully. More pair and group work, for the same reason. Have them perform a play, maybe a six-part play and they�re in groups of six, so every kid is involved.
Embrace the noise, my friend.
All the best,

8 Oct 2023     

Russian Federation

Thank you so much! Your tips are very helpful!

9 Oct 2023     


There IS one strategy which I like and use in my class:Always keep your pupils busy and this Can be only achieved through a good planning of your lesson ( vary your activit�s and Time each one so that there will be no Time to make noise)

10 Oct 2023     

Russian Federation

Thank u so much! It�s a good tip. I second it

11 Oct 2023     


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11 Oct 2023     


Hi Fedor! How old are your students? And what level are they? Well, every single teacher has to face this problem soon or later. My advice here is, if your class is composed by teenagers, bring a song or game to offer at the end of the class if, and just if, they behave nicely during the class. It�s been working for me. Best wishes!

11 Oct 2023     

Russian Federation

Thank you very much! I�m gagged by this advice!

12 Oct 2023     


thnks for this post

18 Oct 2023     


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20 Oct 2023     


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22 Nov 2023     

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