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United States

Hi all, I was talking with a friend when this word came up, and I thought it would be great for a Daffynition contest. Anyone feel like playing? Rules: post a silly, funny, or clever made up definition � not the true definition. Please write your daffynitions for the word �skedaddle�. Let�s have some fun! 😄

22 Nov 2023      

United Kingdom

A skedaddle is a father who has a tendency to disappear when his partner asks him to change a nappy. 

23 Nov 2023     

United States

skedaddle is a new  sport craze that combines cross-country skiing and stand-up paddling (Ski-paddle). It is a result of the effects of global warming, skiers were so often confronted with melting, soggy snow that they had to devise a way to continue their journeys when the snow had become ponds, puddles, or pools of  water.

23 Nov 2023     

United States

Thank you Spinney and Douglas for playing along! Both of your daffynitions are really great! Since I have to pick one, I am going to go with Spinney�s definition- a dad who flees when it�s time to change a nappie - since in actuality skedaddle is a verb which means to flee! It�s your turn to pick a word now, Spinney!

26 Nov 2023     

United Kingdom

Thank you for the honour. I will try to do my best for this most auspicious of undertakings. 

28 Nov 2023     


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