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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Daffynition/WOW--Jan 2024    

Daffynition/WOW--Jan 2024

United States

Daffynition/WOW--Jan 2024
Hello and Happy New Year!
With the new year comes a new word for you to play with and try to make-up a silly definition for:
 is the word, let�s see what you�ve got.

5 Jan 2024      

United Kingdom

Well, this word is a combination of ancient Greek and Anglo Saxon. Autar from Auto, meaning self, and kic meaning to kick. This is an adjective that describes a feeling of very strong regret. In fact, the regret is so strong that one could kick oneself.
Example,  "David was completely autarkic when he did not ask for the pay rise only to see Anne given one when she asked the very next day." 

5 Jan 2024     

Oscar Alonso

Hi, there! I�m an English teacher from Spain, but, at the same time, a Modern Greek language lover. With regard to your post, Spinney, I�d like to add something. Auto, which is similar to the pronoun "it" and, as you wrote, comes from Greek.It�s spelt "αυτό" and pronunced "aft�", in Ancient Greek, "aut�". Hope you find it useful! Cheers!

7 Jan 2024     


Autarkic Well, well.... not very sure. But I think this must be either antartic or authentic pronounced by a French beginner. I insist on "beginner".

9 Jan 2024     

United Kingdom

It is pronounced Oh ta chick. It is what boozy English Northern men say to the barmaid who hands them their beer. 

9 Jan 2024     


There�s another planet in our solar system and it�s called Autarkus. Naturally anything to do with that planet is Autarkic.
PS: you won�t find this in the text books. It� a secret planet! There is a great conspiracy about it�s existence.  

15 Jan 2024     

United States

oops!  I kind of forgot about this.  Oh well,
drum roll....
I�m guessing that planet circles Arcturus
OBTW:  AUTARKIK means self sufficient or independent (especially in regards to countries and economies)

15 Feb 2024