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Learning Spanish

United Kingdom

Learning Spanish
My friend wants to learn Spanish and doesn�t fancy Duolingo. Can anyone recommend an App? She has asked for �a good App site for learning holiday Spanish�. 

24 Jan 2024      

United Kingdom

Duolingo is awful, I have to say. Rosetta Stone is way better, albeit a bit on the pricey side. 

25 Jan 2024     


Hi Lynne!
There�s this website called 50languages.com, which I think is quite good.
I don�t know if they have an app though. 

25 Jan 2024     

United Kingdom

Thank you Dale and jfaraujo. I have passed on the info. I did the Rosetta Stone test myself and am thinking about it. 

27 Jan 2024     

United Kingdom

Hi Lynne,
Once in a while, if I have some spare time, I do a language I have no idea about. I think Rosetta Stone is pretty good for beginners. It may not be so good for the advanced level although I do use that level now and again in Spanish for pronunciation and some vocabulary (I really struggle with the Spanish word for forklift truck). 
I did a few units in Mandarin a few years back which had a couple of my Chinese friends delighting in my awful pronunciation. But, after a while, you can change the Latin characters to Chinese letters, and I was amazed to see that I had begun to start recognizing some of them. Obviously, there is no quick way for a European to learn Mandarin while they still live in Europe, but I think this platform is pretty useful if you have the time, patience, and motivation to stick with the language.
Like I said, pricey, but good, on the whole.  

29 Jan 2024     

United Kingdom

Wow Dale, Mandarin! I had a couple of lessons of Russian, but couldn�t do it. 
I have looked up forklift truck in French and I will make sure I slot that quite nonchalantly into my next French conversation group chat. �I was just passing by a forklift truck when I said to my husband...� 

30 Jan 2024