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Hi there ,
I   am wondering if  there is a better version of  the   following  saying :
[a] mountain will not get back together with a mountain, but a person with a person always [will].  (literal translation ). I  must  admit    the proverb  does  not   sound authentic in English.
 Does the proverb  function in English  as well ?
I  guess a better  native  version  would   be   :It is   a  small  world  or  perhaps    Fancy  seeing  / meeting   you  here.
Please let me know  if there is another  version to express the meaning. 
 Thanks a million in advance.

1 Feb 2024      


The Polish language has some great proverbs. I tried to find some information about the one you mentioned.
https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/g%C3%B3ra_z_g%C3%B3r%C4%85_si%C4%99_nie_zejdzie,_a_cz%C5%82owiek_z_cz%C5%82owiekiem_zawsze shows the meaning as:
one can find someone known in unexpecting (should be �unexpected�) places or times 
Mountain does not converge with mountain, but man and man will converge.
The Dictionary of European Proverbs by Emanuel Strauss includes this:
men may meet sooner than mountains
I don�t know of any English proverb that has that exact meaning and I agree with what you said; the translations do not sound authentic. The idioms that you mentioned do seem close to it in meaning. �Cross someone�s path�, �happen along�, �bump into someone� and �run into someone� are also similar.
I hope that helps! 

3 Feb 2024     


Thank you, that  will do.

4 Feb 2024