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BEGINNER worksheets


BEGINNER worksheets
Hi All, I am wondering, have been actually since I first joined, why do we only have 3 levels of worksheets? I find our elementary level quite confusing sometimes: we seem to have everything in it from beginner to pre-intermediate. Just wondering how many people here teach beginners or even complete beginners? I have groups of complete adult beginners and often struggle to find anything appropriate for them. Anybody else in this position?

10 Mar 2024      

United Kingdom

Hi there! Once upon a time, beginners were my most common level but now it nearly always seems to be advanced or upper intermediate. I have been teaching one group of women at a company for 14 years so, I am pretty pleased that they are at advanced otherwise I think I would give up. 
However, last year I got a group of 9 mostly beginners that I teach online. And despite repeatedly telling them to get laptops with earphones, the majority are in the same room squinting at their smartphones. At first, this was a nightmare. Then I started my own worksheets that could be adapted to their needs. I haven�t uploaded them all but a lot of them are on here. So, in a shameless attempt to gain more points, please go ahead and download what you find from my output. I will have a look and see what else I have as I did do rather a lot of stuff.
On a side note, what started as a kind of nightmare class has quickly become my favourite group of students. I always seem to feel more satisfied when students levels are low but they are speaking (more or less) correctly at the end of the class. Even if they are doing it by squinting at their phone while giving me a very intimate shot of the insides of their nostrils!   

10 Mar 2024     


Hahaha! Totally get it - this was my daily bread during the pandemic! I work with immigrants and most of them are beginners, sometimes even illiterate in their own language. Luckily all our classes are in person, otherwise the smartphone scenario would be my fate. I�ll have a look at your worksheets - thank you - but see, again, the fact that it is not possible to mark them as beginners means I have to go through all your elementary stuff and you have LOADS (says she with just a hint of jealousy ;-)). Time to start digging!

10 Mar 2024     


I strongly agree with this. Elementary is waaay different than beginner and I wish they added a beginner category to make it easier to find printables and other materials and navigate the site. I�d support this decision if the site ever considers it.
I say this, however, most of my material is for advanced and sometimes intermediate students. But I teach beginners and kids as well, so this level matters to me. A1 option rights!  Haha. 

16 Mar 2024