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Mere suggestion


Mere suggestion
Hello everyone! I�d like to make a humble suggestion. I know I haven�t been here in a loooooooooong time, but I do come in from time to time. And I find wonderful worksheets and resources. 
But.... sometimes I find these wonderful worksheets so difficult to read, because the size of the font is so tiny! Sometimes it�s put at 8 or 9... sometimes even 7. I assume the creators do this in order to fit many exercises in just one page, but believe me, it�s not practical. 
I mean, for example, if I download a worksheet with tiny font, it is veeeeery time consuming for me, to be re-organizing the exercises in another word document in order to enlarge the size of the font. sometimes, it takes up to 3 pages to make all the exercises readable and writable (where students have to answer)
I would suggest not to crowd up the page with so many exercises. if needed, make 2 pages. But have the text be READABLE, WRITABLE, AND PRINTABLE... if I print as is, the text is so tiny my students aren�t able to read it. 
In advance, I thank everyone for their hard work, and creativity!
Sending hugs to all!!!!

22 May 2024      

United States

Hi Maria,
It�s good to hear from you, I hope all is well with you.
I agree, tiny font size doesnt really do anyone any favors -- I usually try to stay at 10pt minimum on my worksheets.

24 May 2024     


I agree totally. For me 12( Aria) is the limit. 

24 May 2024     


Hi Douglas! All is well, happy to hear from you! Thank you for your response!
s.lefevre, totally agree, all should be 12 !!!
congrats to all for your hard work!!!!  

28 May 2024