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ESL forum > Teaching material > Days of the week song    

Days of the week song

Spanglish girl

Days of the week song
Hi everibody!! I �m happy to be back!!
I �m looking for a song to teach the days of the week, Do you any? I found some songs, but my students don �t know all the stuctures of those songs yet, so I need something easy.
Thanks for your help.

18 Mar 2009      


check this one

18 Mar 2009     


I don �t know how old your sts are, but I have used "Friday I �m in love" by The Cure with my elementary adult students in a business course and they enjoyed it.
Good luck!!

18 Mar 2009     

United Arab Emirates

There are seven days there are 7 days there are 7 days in a week x2 times
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday x2 times
It is one of the simpiest songs on days of the week. It is sund on the tune Clementine.

18 Mar 2009     

United States

"Friday I �m in Love" works great for older students.

18 Mar 2009     

United Arab Emirates

Check also this link. Some songs seem ot be fun to learn. They involve different kinds of skills.
Have a great time.

18 Mar 2009     

United States

To practice the days of the week with young Ss I made a sign with the following song on it, and spaces for the students to stick the correct day of the week. �(If you laminate the sign the days can be changed) Then we sang the song at the beginning of every class.

The Song, sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques":
Today is Wednesday, today is Wednesday
All day long, all day long
Yesterday was Tuesday, Tomorrow will be Thursday,
All day long, all day long.

18 Mar 2009     


This works perfect for my 4yrs old.

"TOday is monday...bis
Monday green beans... all you hungry children come and eat it up!

Today is tuesday...bis
tuesday meat.... all you hungry children...come and it it up!

(Wed... spaguetti.
THursday... fish
sat.... chicken
sunday icecream)

With this song..they realized the different days and also food.

I love it.
USe flashcards!

19 Mar 2009     

Spanglish girl

Thank you all for your answers, and also for those who sent me private messages. All your suggestions have been very useful!!! This is the first time I teach to young children, so, I �ll be here asking for more help at any moment. Thanks!!!!

19 Mar 2009     


Dear Friends,
I need a help from you,

Kindly send something on "Education in City". 


20 Mar 2009     


The Song, sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques":
Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday
Sunday makes 7
Sunday makes 7
DAys of the week
days of the week.

24 Mar 2009     

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