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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > pronuntiation words ending in -age    

pronuntiation words ending in -age

Vanessa G L

pronuntiation words ending in -age

can somebody tell me the rule that explains why ords endind in age have different endinds

ex. graduate (vb)/ graduate (noum)

20 Mar 2009      

Vanessa G L

sorry you are right! i misspelt it
the title to my question should be
 suffixs ending in -ate

20 Mar 2009     


Hey, good question.  Here �s what I found:
The suffix ate is added to it �s root grade to make graduate which can be a noun and a verb.
�ate � as a  suffix generally means
1. noun - office of e.g. delegate, directorate, emirate etc
2. verb- to do, to make, to cause, or to act upon; to do something with e.g. aerate, allocate, deviate, abbreviate etc
It can also be in adjectives.
Check out these links for more info:

21 Mar 2009     

United States

I don �t know if there �s a "rule" about this, but, as a native English speaker, I believe that the nouns have the schwa (uh) sound and the verbs have the long /a/ sound.

25 Mar 2009