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ESL forum > Teaching material > Free how are you feeling today poster    

Free how are you feeling today poster

New Zealand

Free how are you feeling today poster


Now will the newbies please stop posting this as their own??!!!!!
I think I have seen this over10 times in the last few months!!!!!

20 Mar 2009      


WOW!! 156 downloads!! Again for just a picture!!!

There was also just a frame...

20 Mar 2009     


Hi my dear Cheezels! You �re sooo right! It �s so disappointing and frustrating to become aware that so many members of this wonderful community aren �t as honest as one would expect them to be. It makes some of us wonder what we �re doing here... Disapprove
Have a nice evening!

20 Mar 2009     

New Zealand

IT is rather insulting - these thiefs really think the rest of us are blind and stupid.  IT should take one look at the amazing resources here to realise that this community has a huge number of experienced and intelligent teachers who are likely to know about most resouces on this internet - you only have to ask a question to find that out!!!

Oh well - people will be people - thank goodness we have more quality people than Censored  ones using this site.  KEep reporting to Victor and hopefully one day they will get the message. 

I am still living in hope that Victor will set up a system that immediately freezes a printable when it is reported so no one else can download.  Then if a person believes it is done in error they can email him - this might cut back on his work as well - then only the genuine people would email him and he would have less files to check.   Although I can imagine the fringe people letting lose with a string of abuse on the forum when their printable gets frozen and yet �it was such a pretty picture I just wanted to share with you all �  sob sob....

20 Mar 2009     

manonski (f)

Vickiii, I like your idea of freezing a stolen file. However, maybe it would be better to freeze after, let �s say, 5 reports (or 3) . I �ve seen people jumping the gun about a file only to realize that maybe the pictures were similar but not the exercise. I would not want someone to pay for that.
Have a good weekend!
Smile! It �s springtime! Now, if only the snow here could melt.... I soooo want to get rid of my boots.

21 Mar 2009