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ESL forum > Teaching material > Books for beginner adults.    

Books for beginner adults.

New Zealand

Books for beginner adults.
Hi everyone!
I am about to begin teaching refugee adults here in Sweden (5 groups with a 2 hour lesson per week)
I have been told that some (not all) will have little education from their own country and that some will be complete beginners. ( English is the second language here in Sweden that is why it is being asked for it to be taught....)

I would prefer to work from something very structured for the beginner adult group(s) and mix in my own flashcards and vocabulary work. I will not be able to photocopy much here (if any), which is why I am looking at the book option....
I already have great stuff for intermediate+, but nothing for real ADULT beginners.

What books or series of books have worked well for your adult beginners? I need to check out options as soon as possible!
Feel free to PM me as well as I am about to go out for groceries, so I am sorry if I don �t reply straight away! Big smile

21 Mar 2009      


I use Face2face (CUP) with very good results.

21 Mar 2009     


hi cheezels. I work with New English file 1 . It �s interesting and dynamic .

21 Mar 2009     


There is New Headway Beginner which is also interesting. Or New Cutting Edge Starter.

21 Mar 2009     

United States

HI there!
I �ve taught adults and older highschoolers with limited skills for many years.  I recommend the following:
Images 1 & 2 by Guenther Zuern (photostory-based, with lots of practice)--out of print but I �ve purchased used through Amazon
Step by Step with pictures by Ralph Boggs & Robert Dixon--a great, slow-paced book with nice illustrations but not too dense as to overwhelm low-lit students
Very Easy True Stories and Easy True Stories in the News (part of a longer series) by Sandra Heyer, Longman Publishers.
Let me know if you need more!
Your American friend

21 Mar 2009     

New Zealand

THANK YOU!!!! I now have a starting point! Thank you all for your suggestions! I shall be exploring these through the week!
The bummer is I have so many resources of my own (but in my computer) and there are cool resources at another place I work for (but cannot borrow to use).... but for this place I cannot photocopy either, so it is such a shame... It is truly going to be English on a shoestring...Confused make that a half shoestring and some tape maybe.....

21 Mar 2009     

United Kingdom

You have a mighty task ahead if you can �t photocopy. The books being suggested and the ones in links here are mighty expensive especially if you �re going to buy class sets. My advice is to negotiate with your bosses to let you use the money for photocopying and only but a teachers set of one or two books you decide upon. That would be cheaper in the long run.
Anyway have  a look here for more book suggestions.

21 Mar 2009     

United States

I hope this new position will allow you a small budget to buy books or pay locally for copies. 
I �m amazed at the number of schools that expect us to teach using up our own materials, on our own dime, while paying us chicken feed.  I hope this isn �t your situation, Cheezels.

21 Mar 2009