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Graphics, pictures and gifs in the classroom ...


Graphics, pictures and gifs in the classroom ...
Today, I wrote on the forum that I �m using graphics, pictures and gifs that I get from here or the Net in the classroom.
For example, I posted a picture with a rabbit, a dog a cat and a mouse. A teacher suggested printing it and asking their students writing three sentences about what the cat is thinking to do.
I �m collecting graphics and posters about house chores done by men or women for my adults intermediate to make them speak about this topic.
I have also used funny or cute greeting comments to revise greatings with my teen or adult beginnners.
I �m going to use the poster about frienship (as many teachers have told me via PM) I posted  today to trigger a discussion about what friendship means.
I think that you can use them with many purposes in the classroom. you can also use some animal pictures with your children to show that you are glad or not so glad with their behaviour.
Can you suggest any other ideas?

23 Mar 2009      

Fabiola Salinas

Hi! I �m Fabiola S. from Argentina too!!! I like everything you �ve mentioned before! I deeply believe in the impact visuals produce in our sts ... so , just like you, I am constantly providing my sts pictures / images I download from the net.
As I was dealing with CAN / CAN �T, I downloaded cute images of many different animals and gave them out among my sts. Each of them pasted them in their copybooks and had to write a simple description of the animal they had, saying "what it CAN / CAN �T do". The following class, I had the same set of animals, but gave another to each st. They wrote again different descriptions and consolidated the structure.
Another nice thing I use to do when I deal with THERE IS / ARE ... is to ask sts to cut out/ download/ ... pictures of a fridge with different items in it. This way each st has a different one. I DO provide slips of paper with different food items written in a balloon. Sts must write what THERE IS(N �T) / ARE(N �T) in their own fridges.
As you can see the exercise is endless as I can provide sts with different lists every class!! Try it out! Sure it will work well!
If you are gathering your own collection of images and want to motivate them, you can also make your own personal awards... I �ll upload some that I �ve been doing soon!!
Best of luck! Fabiola S.

23 Mar 2009