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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > How NOT to teach reading :)    

How NOT to teach reading :)


How NOT to teach reading :)
I went to a Longman seminar last Wednesday where Rob Dean gave a presentation on "Learn to read; read to Learn" and he finished off with a clip taken from Little Britain, which was a great laugh. I don �t know if it will have the same effect on you given the fact that you were not at the seminar and that it �s taken out of the context ... Well, give it a go and see ...
NOTE: Do not watch the whole vid. Start from 4:24.

23 Mar 2009      

alien boy

I don �t know, maybe I �ll try that approach tomorrow!


23 Mar 2009     


Are they reading to learn or learning to read?

Like alien boy,I �ll try that approach asap

Thanks Ivona

23 Mar 2009     


I don �t have time to watch the video now as I �m going out but "Little Britain" always had me in stitches (I LOVED Marjorie Dawes and her "FatFighters"!!) so I can �t wait to watch it!!! 

23 Mar 2009     


Hilarious...............Ha ha

23 Mar 2009     

Isabel L

Thanks for a fun moment after a hard day.  LOL

23 Mar 2009     


I really loved the whole video! Not just the passage you mentioned! Thanks for the link! Thumbs Up

23 Mar 2009     


Rob Dean was in Lithuania last year with the same presentation.
Thank you for the link I watched it  with pleasure once again.

23 Mar 2009     


Talking about videos...if you really want to have a LAUGH, I �m sure that you all being English teachers will just love this:
Mind the Language  ( just type it in youtube )

24 Mar 2009