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ESL forum > > UH OH Plagirism at work    

UH OH Plagirism at work

New Zealand

UH OH Plagirism at work
Sorry world - I am a plagiarist of the highest order.
Every word I utter in my teaching is pre written in one form or recorder.

I can īt for the life of me think to create,
or even manage to utter by mistake,
a single word that i have made
and no other has ever sayed.

Even when being grammatically incorrect,
I find others have beaten me to project
these seemingly inocuous words from my mouth,
are just copied from north, east, west and south!

Damn wikipedia, brittanica and readers digest,
I can never beat you even though I do my best!

(pleae note before I am accused of plagirism that every word above is found in some form of publication, webpage, songs, tv programs and numerous other forms of media in different forms or combinations - I in no way want to detract from other peoples use of the above words but thought that my combining of these words may bring some levity to yours or other peoples lives.  I in no way want to restrict other people from using any of the above words - because i didn īt think of any of them - and in no way does my using them mean that I am trying to take credit for other peoples hard work in writing them or uttering them in other forms)

Now excuse me I think I need to go stir another pot on a stove....

Have a wonderful evening - I am only 3.5 hours away from friday - so will let you know what to expect.

2 Apr 2009      


Hi Vicki,

"Nicely said"... - and I think I just quoted that from somewhere!!! Oops, AND that was probably taken from somewhere too! Wink

Oh noooo, help... none of what I say is original... I am plagiarizing myself even and others like me... LOL

2 Apr 2009     

United States

I have a totally new word and I donīt want anybody to ever use it without my permission  It is all mine, it has never been used:
qyxsytzuumtalugari  the plural is qysi (I am not claiming ownership to the pural form, use it as you will)
I īm working on the meaning of the word, I īll let you know when I come up with it (but it definately won īt be the two lines just below your nose --I can never remember what those are called anyway)
Remember qyxsytzuumtalugari is all MINE!

2 Apr 2009     

New Zealand

what language will you be attaching your new word to?

Did you know that the only word that Dr Seuss created that actually made it in to the english language and appears in dictionaries is īGrinch ī.

So don īt be too offended if it doesn īt take off....

2 Apr 2009     


Well, well, well....
I guess I won īt be using your word Douglas..... Wink
it īs too difficult for me!!!!!!! Smile
your comment made me think of Monty Python....don īt ask me why!!!!! Wacko
anyway, have a great weekend (almost there) and thanks a lot to all of you for sharing your great ws!!!!!!! Heart

2 Apr 2009     

alien boy

But what if I wanted to get into qyxsytzuumtalugariology?

Are there many
qysi for me to perform experiments on?

I promise to credit you in my thesis... so my name will probably have a greater global recognition than yours in the next 100 years or so. Isnīt that the way many things work in academia?

Hahaha - I īll get all the credit & you can have your inglorious future in my shadow!!! SO much for plagiarism not being worthwhile!
Evil Smile Mwahahahaha!!!!!

2 Apr 2009