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ESL forum > Teaching material > Story of the day, with qutestions.    

Story of the day, with qutestions.


Story of the day, with qutestions.
One story a day can let your class more fun and knowlegeble http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=208294#thetop
Plz give a try!!! Hope you guys will like it.

3 Apr 2009      

United States

Hi Alan,
We in the ESL community have decided (long before I even got here) that it is not acceptable to advertise your worksheets on the forum. If everyone did this we would be so overwhelmed with "download my Worksheet" messages that the real purpose of the forum (exchange of ideas and information) would be lost.  I know that some people will not download a worksheet from someone even if they like it just because that person advertised it on the forum.  So I am asking you for the betterment of the community to please refrain from advertising your  worksheets on the forum.
Thank you

3 Apr 2009     


I �m afraid I agree totally with Douglas.  Please do not take this as destructve criticism but can I suggest that you look at the more successfully downloaded worksheets and see what people like to download.  Your idea, whilst very good in principle, is not very attractive for others to download.  In addition you must check your grammar as the questions you ask are mainly grammatically wrong.
Please do not be discouraged, but inspired - you have 70 points already and if you produce some attractive and pedagogically correct worksheets, these points will accumulate fast.

3 Apr 2009