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What book are you using?

United States

What book are you using?
Hi, in our school, we try  to adobt new programs and techniques in teaching ESL, and look for the best materials around the world and use it. I would like to know what book are you using and why you like it, we are using Avenues and we are not so crazy about them, by the way, I teach elementary students.
Enjoy your day

3 Apr 2009      


I use Rally on 1, 2 & 3 for secondary school in M�xico published by Mcmillan, I like it because it combines the TIC �s with the traditional teaching, but still I always like to use other materials like those from here!!Smile
Greetings from Mexico

3 Apr 2009     


Hi!! How are you?
I tell you, in my secondary school we are using Total English Starter and Elementary. They are by Pearson Longman. We like this serie because it has got some intersting complements like a cd rom and a dvd film bank. Oh! another important thing is a cd test maker and well organized contents. We like to use computer resources and these books are a great oportunity.With young children I �m using English Adventure serie, inspired in Disney �s films. In my opinion is an excellent material and children like them very much. Do you know them? what �s your opinion? Write me please!! A big hug from Argentina.

3 Apr 2009     


Tongue Hi Amy

I �m from Peru and i �m using English Adventure too...nice book.I agree
My children really like the stories they have about Disney
I think maybe we can exchange experiences, this is my 3rd year using that book
I �m happy �cause i �ve found a teacher with the same material i have
Good luck Amy and have a nice weekend.
Later i have classes in 2nd with english adventure 2 Smile
A big hug

3 Apr 2009     


I teach kids in my home, so I try to make worksheets to support their school work. Most of my kids use the English Adventure books. I have some who use Galaxy (oup) and one who uses Back Pack, British English(pearson and Longman). The Eso students use Oxford �s English Alive. I have another student who uses Project (oup) With the adults I teach, we tend to use worksheets I design (or down load from this site) as I can tailor make them to suit the mood of the student.
I like the simple and easy format of the English Adventure books. The contents are clear and the topics easy to follow. The fact that its American English isn �t a problem, because it gives me a chance to explian the differences. Galaxy also has the supplimentary cds for kids to take home and use. I find the kids love to use these discs but dont seem to uses them at home, only with me. Back Pack appears to me to be a little more advanced than the average. The student would need to have a little more support with this one,(remembering a lot of parents don �t speak English and can �t always help with homework) however I like the way it seems to concentrate more on the reading and speaking rather than the vocabulary.
I like the Project books too and these have a wealth of on line extra worksheets. (www.oup.com) English Adventure in my opinion, do lack on line reasources for kids and for students. However I do not have acess to the material that is provided for the class teachers in schools.
These are just my opinions.
Who publishes Avenues? and do they provide other supportive materials for students and teachers?
have a good Friday.

3 Apr 2009     


I am vicky an I also teach English at home. Don�t worry about "Project"resources because trere aren�t many. I have got the teacher�s book of Project and there is only a good part of exams.
Your workshhets are really good andI use a series of books called Grammar Lab 1,2,3, from Oxford that are very good as extra resources. I hope this information wil help you

3 Apr 2009     

Snow- white

Hi.We use Set sail 1 & 2 by Express publishing for first,second and third grade,You and me by Longman for fourth grade and Dream team for fifth up to eignt grade.In my oppinion,the second and the third are O.K. but Set sail is a bit confussing,not well organized ,and the songs included are not attractive to the kids.We are thinking of changing them soon.

3 Apr 2009     

United Kingdom

I use "Opportunities" and I love it! Great for teenagers! Really engaging and cross-curricular. I also like "Solutions". I generally tend to use relatively newly published books as they�re more up to date and therefore more interesting for my students.

3 Apr 2009