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ESL forum > Teaching material > Philosophical Appraisal of Stolen Images    

Philosophical Appraisal of Stolen Images


Philosophical Appraisal of Stolen Images
I recently purchased membership of the largest clip art source on the net: www.clipart.com which has millions of royalty free images for use in the classroom or wherever (Great source).

What I noticed was that all the official websites that are strict on eslprintables users such as bogglesworld, mes, eslflashcards etc. heavily rely on such websites as www.clipart.com. In fact I would be bold enough to say all free esl flashcard websites use clip art from other sources.

Is it wrong to take images from these sites or anyone elses worksheets when it is clear the original source have taken it from somwhere else?

3 Apr 2009      


I think not.

3 Apr 2009     


Good question! I was wondering one day if I could use images from one person �s worksheet and eventually decided not to but the question/doubt remained...
So, thanks for raising the question. And GREAT day to ALL!!!

3 Apr 2009     

United States

I think it all depends on the true "owner" of the image.  The other sites may have (and usually have) paid extra fees to use the clipart for commercial purposes.  So speaking pure copyright law, we are probably no allowed to use most of them unless you get them from the true "owner".

3 Apr 2009     


You need to look at the terms of use for the site that you buy the images from.  Like Douglas says, generally it depends on who has purchased the images.  Therefore, if Bogglesworld, for example, has purchased an image, it is then illegal for someone to copy that image from Bogglesworld onto their own worksheet.
Copyright law is a complex issue that is being actively pursued by several countries.
So, yes, generally it is wrong to take images from these sites or anyone elses worksheets when it is clear the original source has taken it from somewhere else.

My advice: protect yourself and only use images that you have legally obtained and are using within the terms of use by that supplier. 

4 Apr 2009