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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > How do the points work?    

How do the points work?

Marla D.
United States

How do the points work?
If you have three people download a worksheet, then do you get three points per day? Or just three points to use up? If you reach that magic number of thirty, do you get thirty downloads a day from then on? I am a little confused as to how the points work.

4 Apr 2009      


Dear Marla,

If you upload a worksheet and your worksheet is downloaded by others, then the downloaded times are equal to the points you get. These points will accumulate as long as your worksheet is continuously downloaded. Once you obtain up to 30 points, you will become a premium member of this website and a premium member can download up to 30 NEW worksheets per day for free. That mean if you download more than 30 NEW worksheets per day, then for each excessive worksheet you download, you will be ONE POINT deducted. One more thing you need to remember: If it is not NEW worksheet, then even with the status of a premium member, your points are still deducted when you download them. I have also just learnt this from the others experience. Have a nice weekend with lots of joy!

With best regards,

Trung Kien

4 Apr 2009     

camelot nightingale

my worksheets are downloaded three times by others
why i cant use my points to download others worksheets and stil say my points are 0

4 Apr 2009     


Read the FAQ s at the top of the page and welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Apr 2009