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ESL forum > Teaching material > Can you help me find this book?    

Can you help me find this book?

United States

Can you help me find this book?
Hello my dear friends, hope you are having a good time this weekend. I teach Arabic in elementary school in USA, the reason I am here is that i am using the ESL materials  to teach Arabic, this might sound strange, I know, but I have been trying with most of the Arabic books in the market and they were awful,  my students weren �t able to speak up freely or enjoy the language, finally I decided to enhance my work using flashcards, vocabulary sheets, I even sometimes translate the sheets and use them, let me tell you may friends, it worked wonders, my students now enjoy my class more, they started to speak up and they like it!!!

I need a book that can make my job easier, it should focus mainly on learning vocabulary and some grammar , i mean ESL book ,of course.

please give me some ideas about which books to use, my kids age is between 8-11so they are elementary students, I will be waiting for you my friends.

4 Apr 2009      

Marla D.
United States

Pearson Longman has a book called picture dictionary. They now have it in English/Arabic.�
Have a good weekend.

4 Apr 2009     

United States

Hello there!
I �m so glad you �re finding things that help your students learn better.
I �m partial to a book called "Step by Step with Pictures" by Ralph Boggs & Robert Dixon.  I forget who the publisher is but it is a currently published text, you should be able to find it at ALTAESL.com.
Best wishes,
Your American friend

4 Apr 2009     

United States

Thank you so much for taking the time to send me these useful links and books names, I will check them for sure.
I also needed ESL book (English not Arabic), that is dedicated for young learners,  something I can look at and know how to introduce new vocab, the kinds of exercises that is suppose to help them know the new words more, deal with it in everyday life, ..........etc, some  English grammar  exercises are useful too, I can take a look and adopt the method to teach them in Arabic.

please let me know of such a book because I am suffering from a lack of materials, this is all I think about all day while cooking, cleaning, even with my four children.

4 Apr 2009     


Maybe these online links can help you:
http://d.scribd.com/docs/j8leh5ayokxomu59ohc.pdf Just Enough English Grammar Illustrated
You will find all these links and more in my blog, in the E-Books section.
Hugs from Spain!

5 Apr 2009