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ESL forum > > Pix in this worksheet are STOLEN from "True Stories in the News" by Sandra Heyer    

Pix in this worksheet are STOLEN from "True Stories in the News" by Sandra Heyer

United States

Pix in this worksheet are STOLEN from "True Stories in the News" by Sandra Heyer
The following worksheet (under new contributions today) contains a page scanned from Sandra Heyer ´s book series mentioned above.  Shouldn ´t this member at least give her credit?Shocked
(Sorry, I can ´t figure out how to keep my computer from underlining everything I type!!!)Confused

4 Apr 2009      

United Kingdom

u see there is U undelined in the task bar.. click on it and then start writing... Hope it works      Tongue

4 Apr 2009     

alien boy

Yes, it would be ideal to have some sort of reference (at least in the description of the worksheet). Do you know if the exercise is the same as in the original reference book?

As far as stolen images go, there are very few members here who credit the origin of their images - in a legal sense it comes down to usage agreements & copyright issues. It would be great if everyone did! However,I don ´t think it would be necessary for clipart unless there were some usage agreement stating that you must reference the origin.

Copyright is also different from one country to another. For example, in Japan there is no such thing as ´fair use ´. This means that anytime you reproduce something without the permission of the owner you are breaking the law - it doesn´t matter if it is for educational purposes. This law is currently being reviewed.

While I know that you have advised your use of this reference in your associated worksheet, I don ´t think you are reasonable in pointing out just one member, of many thousands, who has not referenced the origin of their images.

Next time just ´personal message´ the member & make the suggestion - or don´t you feel that would be more polite?


5 Apr 2009     


As I said before Alien Boy: Either you are always right or I always agree with you (and think you are right!)

I couldn ´t have said it better!

5 Apr 2009