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ESL forum > Teaching material > I can īt send my exercises and printables...    

I can īt send my exercises and printables...


I can īt send my exercises and printables...
If I can īt send my exercises and printables, I can īt download other ones. And I have some things to send but I think there is a problem with the website.


6 Apr 2009      


It has happened to me too. As far as I īve seen, there can be 2 problems: sometimes it won īt upload for some time, so you have to keep on trying; if it doesn īt work then it can be  a problem with your work-sheet. So you need to split it into 2 or 3 pages thus reducing the kbs. If it īs close to 300kb (like 290 or so) you need to reduce it. The new material I īve posted ( used to vs to be used ) was a 3 pages ws, but I had to make it in 2 parts and it immediately responded.
I hope it will work, so GOOD LUCK!

6 Apr 2009     

United States

I īve been having the same problem. I know its not the file size.

6 Apr 2009     


I can īt upload worksheets because there seems to be an internal error in the server. This is being happening for severeal days. Do you know who to tell so he/she can fix it? Thanks

12 Apr 2009     

Russian Federation

I have problems with server aswell, i changed file names and sizes, tried several days in a row from different computers, but nothing seems to help. Urgently need help! Unhappy

3 Mar 2014