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What is an ESL resource?


What is an ESL resource?

Good morning, everybody!

I īm sorry for bringing up this issue, but I have seen people saying that some pictures that are downloaded are not ESL resources... I īm sorry but I don īt agree, because some of the pictures that I īve seen can perfectly be used to make flashcard... Those who teach primary children probably understand...
I will agree with you if you say that the teacher who downloaded the pictures should have made the flashcards, but he/she didn īt do it.... That doesn īt mean that the pictures are useless for everyone...
Have a nice day!

7 Apr 2009      


I think you have a point!

A picture is a thousand words.... as people say! But as far as the purpose of printables or worksheets in this site, is to give students feedback from readings, vocabulary etc.
Maybe a good idea would be to make a different section in the site where we could upload only flashcards or pictures with some ideas on how to use them! I don īt know...
From my part of view I don īt mind if it is a worksheet with exercises or flashcards. I I like it and know how to use it, i download it!
kisses....Thumbs Up

7 Apr 2009     


Hello Isabel,
I īm glad that you bring up this issue, because the new system requires clear rules.
The rules of the website say that printables which include pictures and nothing else are not allowed. I īm not saying that they are not useful, but this is not a clipart website.
The contributions should involve a task in which students have to listen, speak, read or write in English language.
Cliparts, frames, decorations, etc. are not allowed (even if other users find them useful).

7 Apr 2009     


What we can do is to share the links where we would find those pictures...

7 Apr 2009