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ESL forum > > ´Days of the week ´ GOT STOLEN    

´Days of the week ´ GOT STOLEN


´Days of the week ´ GOT STOLEN
Hi guys,
May I kindly ask you (in case you have the time) to leave a message to the culprit for my stolen Ws. As Tisha said, ´Just remember that it´s very important to report the stolen wss to Victor ´ if not to stop but at at least to disencourage the phenomenon. Thank you a lot.
Here is the link:

7 Apr 2009      


Gabitza don´t worry justice will be done !! But don´t feel bad, Envy is a terrible thing and perhaps someone wants to take credit for such dedicated and amazing worksheets. We can only imagine how many hours you spent creating them and it is just an awful attitude!
Rules are rules and they must be followed. So if there´s someone out there trying to do it the easy way, simply forget it. Besides what kind of teacher steals ... What are you teaching your students? Shame on you. 

7 Apr 2009     


Hi dear Gabi,

It ´s unbelievable that someone could steal from you: your work is unique and totally and exclusively "Gabitza!"!   
I ´ve left a comment this morning on the stolen ws, then on the culprit.
Don ´t worry, you have lots of fans who are looking after you -  and justice will be done!
All the best,

7 Apr 2009     

Russian Federation

I am sorry if I repeat something said before. Do we have the rule to transfer the points of stolen contribution to the real author. If we don ´t have such rule, is it technically possible to do it. In my opinion it is fair. I think it is a pity when you loose some of your points because of someone ´s dishonesty. And think it is a pity when these points will be lost with deleted stolen contribution.

7 Apr 2009     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi, Gabitza,
first of all, let me tell you how much I admire your work.
I didn ´t recognize your stolen printable as I had a quick search, not stopping at any in particular. I have downloaded your work whenever it suits my students, OR, whenever it brings some FRESH ideas. I admire your work.( this is one of the most important things I want to say here )
The link you provided is not working anymore, Victor has sent him back behind the sunset ( this is a rough translation from a Portuguese saying ).
Now that Victor has called everyone, has given us the sheriff ´s star, I think it will be easier.
HOWEVER, and now answering Kadrie, if you don ´t mind I use your post, Kadrie has put the finger where it hurts.
If stolen printables were taken back their points, these situations would stop in a short time.
Please, Victor, I have not answered your call yet, this point is really important: It is necessary that people know that points earned with stolen printables will be cut off

8 Apr 2009