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Copied from www.the-bus-stop.net


Copied from www.the-bus-stop.net
Dear Teachers,

I īve reported this worksheet as a copy taken from The Bus Stop Games. I īm posting the link here so everyone can check within 12 hours.


Get it for free in here:

Teacherīs note: http://www.the-bus-stop.net/Games/PDFs/ZZZ-Land-TN.pdf
Studentsī worksheet: http://www.the-bus-stop.net/Games/PDFs/ZZZ-Land-WS.pdf


8 Apr 2009      


hi puspita. I have sent this worksheet and  I did not take it from the site The Bus Stop Games.I have never heard about this site.I have been using it for a long time and from a game book for children(HEINEMANN CHILDREN īS GAME/Maria Toth-published 1995).Also in my book there are game cards for this game but I couldn īt manage to send them.I just wanted to share this useful woorksheet.There are a lot of documents taken from books.I think I didn īt do anything wrong.

8 Apr 2009     


hi yurdagulalpat,
I īm sorry, but I don īt agree with you. I īve sent you a message, please check. Thank you

8 Apr 2009