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I have made 2 posts of embedded questions

this is one the rest you can find on my page

9 Apr 2009      


I downloaded  some of your ws because I really liked them. Sometimes I feel people don �t pay attention to useful and creative ws just because it doesn �t catch their eyes by the beaty or the use of colors. However I guess it �s easier to add some borders or pics to a good ws than to picture out how to use with my students a gorgeous ws that is poor in value for teaching. I understand that some members have got the art of making amazing ws in their blood but on the other hand among so many colorful ws people tend to miss great work.

Maybe next time you should add further explanation on the info part of the ws form. I don �t have a clue if it will work (since I have no idea if most of people read carefully all the info on wss before deciding whether downloading it or not).

If I find an interesting ws I normally spend some time digging through all the person �s ws and don �t mind spending some points downloading several of his/her valuable ws from previous days. If a person �s contribution really fits my needs I �ll look for his/her wss every day and after downloading all the wss from those members (whose work I appreciate) I look for other ws.

This site �s purpose is not only to distribute gorgeus ws, due to being an esl site and not an art site. Art in all of its form is appreciated in ws but in my opinion it shouldn �t be the most important part of it. I have nothing against members who are real artists and I thank all of them for sharing their excellent and beautiful work with us, but there are lots of wonderful ws and valuable work missed just because they don �t look like a piece of art.

We have to remember that the aim of teaching is to teach English whether the ws is beautiful or not. I noticed students love decorated ws but they like to learn from clear and straighful explanation as well.

We have to keep in mind we �re here (at least I am) to find time savers and good ideas to work with students & education and not to take part in an art competition. I prase the artists among us and respect their work which I try barely and poorly to imitate and learn from, but the "regular" members need some motivation to keep posting their work here.

9 Apr 2009