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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > what is allowed and what is not?    

what is allowed and what is not?


what is allowed and what is not?

Hi there!

I made a colouring worksheet using a cut out puppet I found on the web.I gave directions with the sentences I wrote as to what color they should color it like "Color the right leg pink" .  I also gave advice on how to use it in class when teaching prepositions and action words. Now I can ┤t get it, I see a lot of people using pictures they find on the internet and even completely  taking a worksheet saying it is theirs, but then I come out creating something different and it is reported as a stolen worksheet and taken off by people who have 1000 points. I respect the fact of taking off stolen worksheets, but what is the case in this taking off a worksheet I ┤ve created?

If someone can explain I ┤d be happy. At least I ┤ll be more careful using pictures I find on the internet next time. What is allowed and what is not?


PS. I can e-mail the worksheet to your email if you want to have a look at it.

9 Apr 2009      

United States

If your picture was royalty free and you added your own activities, then I donĘt understand either.
Most of us use images we find or scan and then use them to make our own materials stories and worksheets.
I ┤d really have to see your sheet to see what the problem might be.

9 Apr 2009