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To Spanish and Argentinian teachers


To Spanish and Argentinian teachers
My head teacher asked me to make a booklet for kindergarden ( we don t use a book) and also an annual planification.
Can anyone tell me what are the main themes in kindergarden??Have you got an annual planification which can guide me?
Thanks a lot.

13 Apr 2009      



         Ive been working in 1st grades, and some students had English in Kinder, so here are things they know from the previous year. Those things are:

* Numbers (1 to 10 ...or 12)

* Colours

* Some animals (pets, mostly and some wild "famous" ones, like: lion, monkey,giraffe,etc.). You can make a proyect on farm animal and add those ones.     

* Adjectives/Opposites (big-small)
*  Spatial notions: up-down
* Family members (father-mother-baby, and maybe brother-sister)   
         I started a bilingual school when I was four, and as far as I can remember, they taugth us polite ways of asking to go to the toilet, the use of thank you and youre welcome, etc. You can even make a poster with everyone names in it and place a star under each name every time they speack in English!
         I hope this may help you! An remember you can get ideas from ESL kinder books, about topics. Good luck!

13 Apr 2009     

Anna P

Hi, Neda, If you go to a search site, like Google, and type "Kindergarten Curriculum" you will find valuable information.


13 Apr 2009     


In my school these are the main themes:
Body-Family and House-Colours and numbers-Weather and Clothes-animals-food-Toys-Festivals (Christmas,Halloween and Easter).
Perhaps it helps you.

13 Apr 2009     


Thanks a lot!!

13 Apr 2009     


Well, i m teaching 4 and 5year-old kids, so,
4_ the program include, expressions like "Hello, how are you? - I m Fine and you?", Can i....? -Thank you.... good bye.... (some of them also try "Have a nice day!) . Of course colors, numbers, too. Parts of the body, clothes, the romm, bed, chair, table and expresions like "My bed", Animals too.
And many others, i m using a nice boo "My first English Adventure 2", there are some other. But i m using this for my 4 years old students.
With 5 i m using Happy House 1. It s good, you can see it and use it as a guide.
Good Luck!

17 Apr 2009