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ESL forum > Teaching material > I thought it was different........    

I thought it was different........


I thought it was different........
Hi there!... Today I joined this site and I was very excited. A friend of mine , told me about "eslprintables.com ".  I thought that this is like a comunity of the english teachers all over the world. I considered that here we can exchange our work . I thought that here we are friends. But now , I can see that here is like a police , of stolen worksheets.  All over I can see : stolen , copied , not an esl source , report , ... I can see that here are some people that really like the job of policeman. So why they are english teachers? Find something to do , and don �t persecute the poor people that make the mistake to stole a worksheet. The ideea of this site is to CONTRIBUTE.   Let �s give to our students peace , not war. This is my ideea.... And I think I �m quiting  with this site......... This is my ideea ,  Be FRIENDLY AND NICE!!!!!

 Best wishes , Lalauli Smile

13 Apr 2009      


Hi Lalauli, welcome to the site. It is a pity you see the negative aspects from here in your very first day and I do not agree with you in one point Find something to do , and don �t persecute the poor people that make the mistake to stole a worksheet
I do not think that we should consider the members who steal worksheet, how would you feel if someone stole your work that you did with a great effort and that person even got plenty of points, mucho more points that you... with YOUR WORK!... do you think it is fair...
This is no about being a poilice, this is about being fair...

13 Apr 2009     


Dear Lalauli
While I agree sometimes people perhaps overstep their bounds (don �t we all sometimes?) and sometimes misunderstandings cause pain, this site IS supportive and the most amazing ELT resource I have ever found. You are new so you may not be aware that the reporting is not just about being police but it is about cleaning up the website as there has been an issue of space on the server being taken up with worksheets, etc that do not really meet the purpose of the site. While we may disagree on some of the issues, many of them are agreed upon. And the discussion is important in order to clarify this new process for all of us. And the committee is here to help Victor, our hardworking owner of the site. As for stolen worksheets, I think it is also important to model ethical behavior for our students in not stealing other people �s work and taking credit for it and to stand up for honesty.
I hope you stay with us and enjoy this amazing site that I am sooooo grateful to have found! How did I manage before I found this place!!
Freddie Smile

13 Apr 2009     

Pazita_ Tombstone

Hello you all!!
At first I had the same opinion as Lalauli, you guys were a little bit too much when I uploaded a worksheet that i thought it was alright. I didn �t know you coudln �t upload work that it wasn �t yours. I was pretty upset, but then I realized this web page is very usefull and not permitting copies is actually very good.
So.... CHILL OUT you guys!!! it �s a web page not a place for stressing over.... being a teacher is quite demanding for being complaining over a web page.
Vicky xxxx

13 Apr 2009     


hi Lalauli; enjoy your excellent beginning, all these points you made in one day, and this unique, awesome, amazing site, where everybody is indeed friendly and nice!!!!!! If you upload your own work, not only you won �t be persecuted but you �ll be appreciated!
Enjoy the forum, the daily contributions and all the "treasures" which many talented members of this precious site share with us every day!!!!!!!!
All the best,
Aimee from Jerusalem (Yes, you �ll be in touch with people from all over the world. It �s amazing for me, also,  to speak to someone from Albania! I �ll be very interested to learn more about your country!)

13 Apr 2009     


Awwww ...please let �s �not have any more harsh words between colleagues.. �Lalauli, it has been a bit hectic here for the past few weeks re the points that you referred to but it is all being sorted out by the owner of this wonderful site..ie Victor. Just give it a little more time. In the meantime enjoy the MANY other positive aspects that are here. It is too early to form an opinion yet. Give it a fair trial please. �I bet that you will become an avid visitor here.Smile�I agree with JulietaVL �s point about stolen material and I understand her upset in her reply to your post . We must all "pull" together here now and let Victor do what is best. �So let �s all let bygones be bygones and eliminate any traces of hostility. �Things WILL be sorted out I feel sureHug

Bye the way, I too am relatively new here and have not contributed a lot yet. �Hopefully I will get betterSmile��Take care,
�Caroline. He he. must get back to bed...just after 4am here...had to get up�Wink�hehe

13 Apr 2009     


Hi Lalauli , when you had joined this site I think that you read its rules, didn �t you? When someone downloads a stolen ws I think it isn �t a mistake   because someone does it consciously and tries to take advantage of other people �s work and that �s unfair. Would you like to see your ws posted by other members??? I don �t think so!! Lucliky there are rules here and we must to  obey them. Do you imagine to live yourself in a world without rules?? It would be the caos, and the same happens here.

Look forward to see your own creations here.
Greetings from Portugal

13 Apr 2009     


What amazes me most in these conversations are THE MISTAKES THAT THE SO CALLED TEACHERS MAKE! Come on people, are you aware of what you write? Have you checked your grammar and spelling lately? Do you use the same kind of language with your students? If so, I must say, POOR STUDENTS! If you can �t say it right then don �t say it at all! Shame on you for not trying! Especially Lalauli and Morganalin!

13 Apr 2009