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Can you hel me ?


Can you hel me ?
Smile I am looking for two different books which can be sold in Spain.
First I need a book Upper intermidiate or advance with lots of activities of mixed verb
Second I need a book ( If it exists ) with vocabulary and activitites for children something similar to"English Vocabulary in use", but lower level.

I don�t Know If there are books related to these topics.

Thank you very much for those who help me

have a nice day

16 Apr 2009      


Have you tried englishtips.org? I requires registration but once you �re logged in , you can download tonnes of valuable materials - books, workbooks, grammar books, even magazines, all free of charge.

16 Apr 2009     


hello roberto there is an awesome set of books.
that you can buy in amazon (cheaper).

primary grammar box by caroline nixon, and the rest of the set, just have a look at amazon, i really recomend you these books, they have been very helpful for me

16 Apr 2009     


Hi, I used  "Wordbirds"   by Jeanne Perrett ( Prentice Hall International English Language Teaching) for children. It is a vocabulary builder with exercises.

16 Apr 2009     


ultimatule the site is great!

16 Apr 2009     

Isabel L

For upper intermediate and advanced you can try the Macmillan "Language Practice" series. There are different levels. Lots of grammar and vocabulary. They are easy to find in Spain. Here is the link: http://www.macmillanenglish.com/Course.aspx?id=29518
Hope it helps.

16 Apr 2009