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ESL forum > Teaching material > Flash cards to be removed?    

Flash cards to be removed?


Flash cards to be removed?
 I �ve seen lots of flashcards reported as they are not all together in one WS. When we report a WS we can see Victor �s examples, one of the "don �t delete" ones is a picture of an apple and Victor says: "To be removed unless it �s part of a set". My question is: when talking about "set" does he refer to a complete set in one upload? or to separated WSS?

18 Apr 2009      

Czech Republic

Yes, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to uplad WHOLE SET in ONE file.
Just resize the pictures, make them smaller, write words and upload whole SET.

If you cannot reach the limit 300kB, upload it as POWERPOINT presentation - limit 500kB.

It is highly recommended to include 1 or more exercises to go with the flashcards, it can even be only the letter gap fill or simple sentences:
eg: Fruit Flashcards -
Gap fill - fill in missing letters:
app_e, ban_na, cucumb_er, dat_s...
I like red ................. (bananas / strawberries / oranges)
I don �t like blue ............ (redberries, blackcurrants, blueberries).

18 Apr 2009     


Much depends on the size of the illustrations used.  Some contributors use high resolution pictures and one picture may take up the full 300kb allowance, thus necessitating the rest of the set to be uploaded as individual worksheets.
I personally feel that there is no need to have such high quality illustrations for flash cards and that a set of four or five can be put together as one worksheet.
If a contributor is uploading a set of cards that needs several worksheets then they should write in the introduction that this is a set of however many worksheets it takes.  In this way those reviewing the contributions need not regard the worksheet as just isolated pictures.  I also believe that if you are submitting several worksheets as one set, they should be uploaded on the same day, so that those wishing to download can see how many points it will take them and to see if they really want all the pictures available.
Others may disagree, so that �s why we have this forum to thrash out these issues.

18 Apr 2009     


Moravc: Ummmm, is this a rule? Because as I said, Victor says in one of his examples : "To be removed unless it �s part of a set", he says nothing neither about  including exercises nor uploading more than one picture in each WS. So, is it fair to remove these flash cards?
 Logos: I think quality is the point. Some users can �t or don �t know how to reduce quality. But, flash cards are admited when they have some English words and are part of a set so, why are they reported? That aint � fair to me...

18 Apr 2009     


Out of curiousity a couple of days ago, I went through a couple of old categories. As I was combing through I saw some flashcards that were part of a set (in one upload and in several uploads) and others which were only one picture which said it was, for example a �food � flashcard, but there were no other cards uploaded with it. Obviously this is a member uploading one picture and calling it a flashcard. I think flashcards are more useful as a set, and we have many of these on the site. We also have many single pictures with no �friends �, which have never been downloaded and which members call flashcards. Those are the flashcards that I reported.
I can �t speak for others however
I hope this clarifies

18 Apr 2009     

Czech Republic

Darling, there is no need to be computer expert to reduce size of pictures - use ANY resizing program - there are hundreds of free programs on the net.

If you look through the most downloaded - most appreaciated flashcards - you can see what people like: SET OF 9 flashcards per page or 12 flashcards per page.
If the worksheet has more pages, it is more downloaded.
Whole set in one 2-3 paged worksheet is always welcomed.

Imagine teacher going through hundreds of worksheets with 2-3 parts... horrible...
I do not upload ANY worksheets in parts. I think it is not nice. It is not handy...

-- exercises - those exercises are always welcomed. It is not a rule, but it is a recommendation.
If a teacher has a set of pictures + exercises with that vocabulary, s/he can revise the vocabulary much easier and faster... Any addictional activities are just saving time of your friends... LOL Sharing and helping is the rule here :-)

18 Apr 2009